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Privacy. Dacxi abides by data privacy regulations in all markets, ensuring your data is private and secure.

Dacxi Precious Metals Tokens are the smart, safe, and secure way to invest in precious metals.

Industry leaders

Launched in 2017, Dacxi was one of the first to pioneer the tokenization of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

World-class security

Our precious metals tokens are backed by physical metals, insured and securely stored at a leading bullion trading and vaulting company.

Affordable investment

With Dacxi precious metals tokens, you can purchase precious metals with an investment of as little as $500 (USD/AUD/GBP).

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What are Precious Metals Tokens?

Tokenization is the process of creating digital versions of real-world assets - and it's the future of the financial world.

Each Dacxi Gold, Silver and Platinum Precious Metals Token represents the equivalent physical metal, insured and securely stored at a leading bullion trading and vaulting company.


You can purchase precious metals tokens with Dacxi in just 4 easy steps

Step 1

Sign up for and verify your Dacxi account


Step 2

Head to 'buy and sell' on the Dacxi platform


Step 3

Choose to purchase individual tokens or a Dacxi Precious Metals Bundle


Step 4

Enter your chosen purchase amount and click 'buy'


Today's economic environment is defined by instability and uncertainty.

Rampant inflation

Mass money-printing and global supply chain issues have seen inflation sky-rocket to some of the highest levels ever seen.

Economic instability

Inflated share prices, rising property prices, and general economic concerns are all driving people to reallocate a portion of their wealth to assets like precious metals.

Global uncertainty

From the worldwide pandemic to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, global events are having a significant impact on investments.

Privacy. Dacxi abides by data privacy regulations in all markets, ensuring your data is private and secure.

Why are precious metals the answer?

Now more than ever, investors are seeing precious metals as a safe and stable way to hedge their portfolio against inflation, and protect their investment from political and economic instability. Why? It's simple; because precious metals perform.


  • 1 On Black Monday October 19, 1987 the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted -22.6% in a single day.
  • 2 The gold price responded by rising 4.2% by the end of Black Monday. It had increased 6.5% by mid-December 1987. Figures from gold.org
  • 3 Between 1 and 14 August, when fighting was most intense and scope of the war looked like it might expand, the S&P 500 fell 19%, while oil prices doubled.
  • 4 The gold price is for the same period.
  • 5 From 9 September 2000 to 21 September 2001 the Down Jones Index fell from 11,310 to 8,235 points.
  • 6 Over the same period the price of gold rose from $256 to $276.
  • 7 The Dow Jones Index fell from its peak of 14,165 points on October 9, 2007 to a low of 6,926 points on March 5, 2009. A decline of 51.1%
  • 8 The gold price over the same period rose from $736 to $983. A total increase of 25%.
  • 9 The Dow Jones Index fell from a peak of 29,551 points on 12 February 2020 to a low of March 3, 2020 19,173.
  • 10 The gold price rose over the same period, peaking on 24 February at $1671 an increase of 6.9% in four days.

So, why don't more people invest in physical precious metals?


Physical metals have a high cost barrier to entry, making them inaccessible to everyday people.


Physical metals are logistically difficult (not to mention expensive) to transport and store.


Physical metals are prone to theft - particularly when stored personally by the investor.


Physical metals…

  • • Are inconvenient to transport
  • • Are expensive to store
  • • Are vulnerable to theft
  • • Have a high-cost barrier to entry

Precious Metals Tokens…

  • • Don't require transport
  • • Are stored smartly and securely online
  • • Are protected by blockchain technology
  • • Are a low-cost way to invest